Schulthess Klinik

Lengghalde 2
CH-8008 Zurich
+41 44 385 7171

Chief Director of Orthopaedic Department
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Leunig

Andrea Rytz

Hospital’s Mission
Schulthess Klinik is one of Europe’s leading orthopaedic clinics. Our central mission is to free people from pain and to restore their mobility.  As a specialized orthopaedic clinic, Schulthess Klinik concentrates on offering first-class therapy for the musculoskeletal system and treat patients with joint, spine, hand and foot disorders. The core areas of the clinic are orthopaedic surgery, neurology, rheumatology and sports medicine.

The outstanding and knowledgeable team of specialists and the distinct synergies between the different specialist units make Schulthess Klinik a modern and sustainable institution with an international reputation. Schulthess Klinik is extremely active in the fields of academic teaching and research and cooperates with well-known national and international institutions, universities and companies. The research conducted day-in and day-out allows the clinic to offer its patients the best possible treatments while also setting international standards. The development of implants and joint prostheses in partnership with internationally renowned research teams makes Schulthess Klinik a leading institute with the wealth of experience that goes hand in hand with that status. Schulthess Klinik is home to the Swiss Olympic Medical Center.

Year Founded

Hospital Type
Founded in 1883, the clinic has been financially supported by the Wilhelm Schulthess Foundation since 1935. It has always preserved its character as a non-profit organization.  Schulthess Klinik accepts patients with general and supplementary health insurance.

University Affiliations
Cooperation with the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich Cooperation with University of Zurich

Teaching hospital class A

Hospital Awards/Recognitions
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Leadership Appointments

Number of Orthopaedic Residents

Number of Orthopaedic Fellows

Fellowship categories
All orthopaedic specialties, sports medicine, rheumatology

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Average number of peer reviewed articles published annually
104 peer-reviewed publications
95 peer-reviewed congress abstracts
40 reviews
270+ paper presentations and training courses
9 books and book contributions
4 dissertations and theses

Number of beds

Total number of active medical staff (MDs)
Orthopaedic Surgeons – 30
Rheumatologists – 3
Physiatrists – 2
Rehabilitation – 3
Other – 12 anesthesiologists, 3 physicians

Number of scientists

Type of research
Outcome research, randomised controlled trials, prognostic studies, cost/benefit analyses, neuromuscular adaptation, osteoporosis, prosthesis development and clinical testing

Amount of grant funding received annually
$1 Million USD

Number of full time employees

Number of operating rooms
12 operating rooms
2 pain management rooms

Number of orthopaedic surgeries
9,350 orthopaedic surgeries
23,112 individual interventions

Number of outpatient visits to orthopaedists, rheumatologists, and other medical services