Hadassah University Medical Center

Kiryat Hadassah, Ein Kerem, P.O.B. 12000
Jerusalem il-91120

Chief Director of Orthopaedic Department
Prof. Meir (Iri) Liebergall, MD

Prof. Yaakov Naparstek, Deputy CEO for Research and Academia


Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem is recognized as one of the most advanced medical centers for health care, research and teaching. It includes a tertiary University Hospital at Ein Kerem and a community University Hospital at Mt. Scopus. At the heart of Hadassah’s mission statement lays its commitment to excellence in: providing medical care to all those who come within its doors and are in need of care without discrimination, regardless of their religion, nationality, race, gender or political beliefs; performing medical research; and providing medical education.

Year Founded
June 1935

Hospital Type
Public hospital owned by private not-for-profit organization

University Affiliations
Joint ownership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Hospital Awards/Recognitions
The orthopedic complex is recognized as a center of excellence by: Zimmer Company for Computer Assisted Surgery, Medtronic Company for Spine Surgery, ISAKOS for arthroscopy and knee surgery, and as beta site research center by Mazor Robotics, Medtronic and BrainLab.

Number of Orthopaedic Residents

Length of Residency
6 Years

Number of Orthopaedic Fellows

Length of fellowship
One year

Fellowship categories
All sub-specialties in orthopedics

Is CME required in your country?

Does your hospital/center conduct CME programs?

Average number of peer reviewed articles published annually
The Hadassah University Medical Center – about 600 per year.
The orthopedic complex: 10-15 at least per year.

Number of beds
The Hadassah University Medical Center: 700 beds in Ein Kerem; 300 beds in Mount Scopus.
The Orthopedic Complex: 80 beds

Total number of active medical staff (MDs)
Orthopaedic surgeons: 24 full time surgeons; 9 part time surgeons, 5 volunteer surgeons = total of 38
Physiatrists: 4 exclusively affiliated to the orthopedic complex
Other: 1 Podiatrist, 1 Chiropractor

Number of scientist
4 Ph.D surgeons, 5 scientists

Type of research
Basic, clinical, translational.

Tissue engineering: 1. Cell based therapy; 2. The use of futuristic technologies for inducing bone repair, plasma injections, etc.

Computer Assisted Surgery: 1. Robotics in spine surgery; 2. Computer guided trauma and joint surgeries.

Amount of grant funding received annually
Hadassah University Hospital – USD 8,000,000 annually
The orthopedic department – USD 500,000

Number of full time employees
Hadassah University Hospital – about 5000
The orthopedic complex – 130

Number of operating rooms

Number of orthopaedic surgeries
Ambulatory – 1,700
Inpatient – 4,500

Number of outpatient visits to orthopaedists, rheumatologists, and other medical services

Other pertinent institutional information

Together with the Hebrew University, Hadassah owns and operates schools of medicine, nursing, dental medicine, public health and occupational therapy, thus playing a major role in growing the future generations of Israel’s medical and nursing professionals.