Sint Maartenskliniek

PO Box 9011
Hengstdal 3
6500 GM
the Netherlands
+31 24 365 92 96

Chief Director of Orthopaedic Department
Jan van Loon, MD


Mark Van Houdenhoven / Gert van Enk (delegate for ISOC)

Hospital’s Mission

The Sint Maartenskliniek is the only specialised hospital for orthopaedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation and pain treatment in The Netherlands. It is acknowledged as the leading hospital for posture and movement by patients, refers and patients alike. It serves as a nationwide secondary or tertiary referral centre for complex pathology, but also as a regional hospital for more simple musculoskeletal problems.

Our main aim is to improve the movement and function of patients to ensure that they are able to take part in the activities of everyday like. We systematically quantify the result of our work, which enables us to demonstrate our value and constantly make improvements.

Year Founded

Hospital Type

University Affiliations
UMC Nijmegen, UMC Utrecht

NEN and ISO certification for bone banks , NEN and ISO certification for neuromodulation, NEN and ISO certification for a documented and implemented quality management system



Hospital Awards/Recognitions
Not available

Leadership Appointments
Sint Maartenskliniek surgeons are active leaders and are members of boards and committees in numerous national an international professional organizations

Number of Orthopaedic Residents

Length of Residency
Total 6 years, 2 years in Sint Maartenskliniek

Number of Orthopaedic Fellows


Length of fellowship
1 year

Fellowship categories
Spine, arthroplasty, upper extremity, foot/ankle

Is CME required in your country?

Does your hospital/center conduct CME programs?
Yes, about 5 CME programs per year

Average number of orthopaedic peer reviewed articles published annually


Number of beds

Total number of active medical staff (MDs)
Orthopaedic Surgeons – 32
Rheumatologists – 21
Rehabilitation – 17

Number of scientists

Type of research

Clinical research and literature reviews

Amount of grant funding received annually

€600.000,- till €1 million (Orthopeadic Research: approximately € 300.000).

Number of full-time employees

Number of operating rooms

Number of orthopaedic surgeries annually

Number of outpatient visits to orthopaedists, rheumatologists, and other medical services
Orthopaedists: 85,000